Press Releases: Year 2011



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Former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Official Pleads Guilty to Taking Part in Fraud Against Government - Scheme Involved More Than $50,000 Obtained Through Travel Vouchers (PDF, 3 pages - 28 KB)


Newark Man Sentenced To Prison For Conspiracy To Steal Money Meant For Hurricane Katrina Victims (PDF, 2 pages - 176 KB)


Former TSA Employee Sentenced For Federal Hate Crime First Case In TheNation Prosecuted Under Shepard-Byrd Act (PDF, 1 page - 125 KB)


Former EL Paso I.C.E. Supervisory Intelligence research specialist enters Guilty Plea to Misuse of a Passport and Theft of Government Travel Funds (PDF, 1 page - 68KB)


Former Midway Airport Customs Officer Sentenced To 46 Months In Prison For Receiving Bribes From Restaurant Employees (PDF, 3 pages - 55 KB)


Border Patrol Agents Indicted For Civil Rights Violations (PDF, 1 page - 27 KB)


Former Corrections Officer Sentenced For Criminal Sexual Activity (PDF, 1 page - 74 KB)


Two Charged With Bribing Federal Official (PDF, 2 pages - 93 KB)


DHS Inspector General Updates Report (PDF, 1 page - 40 KB)


Former Supervisory Transportation Security Officer At Newark Airport Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Taking Bribes (PDF, 2 pages - 172 KB)


Former CIS Contractor Sentenced to 66 months Confinement in Citizenship Procurement Scheme (PDF, 2 pages - 51 KB)

05/03/11 Former Supervisor at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Convicted Of Bribery and Fraud Charges (PDF, 2 pages - 116 KB) 
04/08/11 John F. Heard Jr., Owner Of Superior Protection Inc., Sentenced To Prison For Conspiracy, Tax Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Bribery And Other Charges (PDF, 2 pages - 125 KB) 
04/08/11 FEMA Employee Charged With Embezzling Over $149,000 (PDF, 2 pages - 125 KB) 
03/28/11 Rochester Man Pleads Guilty to FEMA Fraud (PDF, 1 page - 48 KB) 
03/24/11 Georgia Man Ordered To Repay Over $18K For Hurricane Ike Related Fraud (PDF, 1 page - 115 KB) 
03/17/11 Three Employees At Buffalo Federal Detention Facility Indicted For Steroid Trafficking (PDF, 1 page - 43 KB) 
03/17/11 Corrupt Federal Officer Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Guns And Drug Money Through The Airport (PDF, 3 pages - 86 KB) 
02/25/11 Oakville Man Charged With Disaster Fraud And Making A False Statement In Relation To 2008 Oakville Flooding (PDF, 2 pages - 178 KB) 
02/24/11 Lead Transportation Security Officer At Newark International Airport Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Travelers (PDF, 1 page - 164 KB) 
02/14/11 Supervisory Transportation Security Officer At Newark International Airport Pleads Guilty To Taking Bribes (PDF, 1 page - 165 KB) 
02/02/11 Former Federal Immigration Enforcement Officer Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison For Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy (PDF, 2 pages - 101 KB) 
02/02/11 Department of Homeland Security Helicopter Pilot Charged With Lying To Investigators (PDF, 2 pages - 175 KB) 
01/28/11 Former Liberty County Judge And Commissioner Indicted In Hurricane Fraud Scheme (PDF, 3 pages - 44 KB) 
01/13/11 Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Announces Retirement  (PDF, 2 pages - 53 KB) 


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