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Make a FOIA Request

Office of Inspector General:  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

FOIA is a federal statute that allows persons to request federal agency records. Under the FOIA, a person has a right to obtain access to federal agency records except to the extent the records are protected from disclosure under specific FOIA exemptions or exclusions.

Our OIG has established a “multi-track” response system to facilitate the processing of FOIA requests based on their varying size and complexity. FOIA requests are placed in one of three tracks:

  • Track 1 is for requests that meet the standards for expedited processing under the FOIA.
  • Track 2 is for simple requests that do not involve voluminous records or lengthy consultations with other entities.
  • Track 3 is for requests that involve sensitive or voluminous records, or records for which lengthy or numerous consultations are required.

OIG looks forward to working together with FOIA requestors to continue responding effectively and efficiently to your FOIA requests.

FOIA Public Liaison:

OIG Office of Counsel

PHONE: 202-981-6100
FAX:  202-245-5217

245 Murray Lane SW
Mail Stop - 0305
Washington, D.C. 20528-0305

FOIA Public Reading Room:

Before making a FOIA request, please visit the OIG FOIA Electronic Reading Room for frequently requested records available for public inspection in electronic form.

Visit The Privacy Office FOIA page for more information regarding the Department FOIA policy and procedures. Click here to file a FOIA request with OIG or other offices within DHS.

Visit the Accessing Department of Homeland Security Records through the Freedom of Information Act page for more information on filing a FOIA Request.

Other helpful information regarding the FOIA process can be found at the U.S. Department of Justice's FOIA Reference Guide Web page.

To request records pertaining to yourself, you are required to submit a certification of identity with your FOIA request. For your convenience a certification of identity form is available for you to complete and provide with your FOIA request. Please note that if you are requesting records pertaining to a third party, that third party must complete the entire form, including the “authorization” section. Any questions about how to submit a proper FOIA request can be directed to the OIG FOIA Public Liaison.