These notifications are used by the OIG to inform senior DHS managers of conditions which pose an immediate and serious threat of waste, fraud and abuse in agency programs. These alerts, usually triggered by findings made in the course of our audit, inspections and investigative work, may also contain recommendations to correct the identified concerns.


Date Title
03/06/17 Management Alert on Issues Requiring Immediate Action at the Theo Lacy Facility in Orange, California
(PDF, 18 pages - 1.73 MB)
01/23/17 Management Advisory Report: Review of FEMA Region IV Strategic Source IDIQ Contract for Office Supplies
(PDF, 6 pages - 843 KB)
01/19/17 Management Alert - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Use of the Electronic Immigration System for Naturalization Benefits Processing (PDF, 6 pages - 990 KB)
06/16/16 Release of Jean Jacques from ICE Custody (PDF, 30 pages - 1.5 MB)
06/01/16 December 3, 2015 – San Bernardino Incident (PDF, 12 pages - 631 KB)
10/22/15 Addendum: Investigation into the Improper Access and Distribution of Information Contained Within a Secret Service Data System (PDF, 7 pages - 900 KB)
10/21/15 Management Alert Secret Service Staffing and Scheduling Contributed to Officer Fatigue (PDF, 6 pages - 257 KB)
09/25/15 Investigation into the Improper Access and Distribution of Information Contained Within a Secret Service Data System (PDF, 29 pages - 1.46 MB)
08/10/15 Management Advisory on Department of Homeland Security Components' Reporting of Conference Spending OIG 15-121-MA (PDF,10 pages - 1.56 MB)
07/06/15 Management Advisory -The Transportation Security Administration's Failure to Address Two Recommendations to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Its Office of Inspection (PDF, 8 pages - 464 KB)
05/06/15 Secret Service-March 4th Incident (PDF, 55 pages - 2.39 MB)
04/20/15 Management Advisory-Alarm System Maintenance at Residences Protected by the U.S. Secret Service (Redacted) OIG 15-61 (PDF, 9 pages - 1.39 MB)
03/24/15 IG investigation of employee complaints regarding management of USCIS’ EB-5 program (PDF, 99 pages - 5.93 MB)

The following information is referenced in the report.  Redactions are made pursuant to FOIA exemptions (b)(5), (b)(6), (b)(7)(C) and (b)(7)(D):

In addition, EM-0000387-388, MOA 2166-67, and MOA-003665 are official USCIS documents and have been referred to USCIS for a FOIA determination.  If USCIS determines that any of the material in these documents can be released under FOIA, the OIG will place the material on its web page.  These three documents only served to establish the dates of certain USCIS actions and do not reflect any discussions involving Mr. Mayorkas or any USCIS staff.

01/21/15 U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Management of National Aviation Maintenance Activities (PDF, 5 pages - 177 KB)
01/07/15 Investigative Summary - GEO Group Incorporated Detention Facility, Karnes City, Texas (PDF, 4 pages - 248 KB)
12/11/14 ICE San Pedro Service Processing Center Management Alert (PDF, 4 pages - 336 KB)
10/22/14 Allegations of Misuse of United States Secret Service Resources (PDF, 7 pages - 3.9 MB)
10/02/14 Oversight of Unaccompanied Alien Children 3 (PDF, 8 pages - 657 KB)
08/28/14 Oversight of Unaccompanied Alien Children 2 (PDF, 8 pages - 738 KB)
08/18/14 Investigation of Alcan Boy Scout Encounter (PDF, 4 pages - 477 KB)
07/30/14 Oversight of Unaccompanied Alien Children 1 (PDF, 9 pages - 586 KB)



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