Press Releases: Year 2016



Date Title
12/15/16 ThunderCat Technology agrees to $1 million civil settlement for bid-rigging and kickback schemes
12/07/16 Recurring Problems with FEMA’s Grants Management Places Billions of Dollars at Risk (PDF, 1 page - 102 KB)
11/21/16 DHS OIG Finds USCIS Continues to Struggle to Ensure Proper Green Card Issuance (PDF, 1 page - 68 KB)
10/20/16 DHS OIG Employees Honored (PDF, 2 pages - 77 KB)
10/14/16 Sensitive Secret Service Data at Risk of Unauthorized Access and Disclosure (PDF, 1 page - 82 KB)
09/19/16 Potentially Ineligible Individuals Have Been Granted U.S. Citizenship Because of Incomplete Fingerprint Records (PDF, 2 pages - 88 KB)
07/28/16 DHS OIG Completes Three Rounds of Unannounced Random Inspections of CBP and ICE Detention Facilities (PDF, 1 page - 67 KB)
05/12/16 New Report Finds IT Management Challenges Continue at TSA (PDF, 1 page - 88 KB)
05/05/16 Inspector General Opens Investigation of Alleged Profiling by the Transportation Security Administration (PDF, 1 page - 63 KB)
03/24/16 FEMA Fails to Analyze Recurring OIG Recommendations and Misses Opportunities to Improve Its Preparedness Grant Program (PDF, 1 page - 55 KB)
03/15/16 DHS OIG Initiates Periodic Inspections of CBP & ICE Detention Facilities (PDF, 1 page - 74 KB)
03/15/16 USCIS Automation of Immigration Benefits Processing Remains Ineffective (PDF, 1 page - 54 KB)


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