What We Do 

Background :

Congress enacted the Inspector General Act of 1978 to ensure integrity and efficiency in government. Both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Act and this Office of Inspector General (OIG) were established by Congress in 2002. The OIG is led by an Inspector General who is appointed by the President and subject to Senate confirmation.


The OIG conducts and supervises independent audits, investigations, and inspections of the programs and operations of DHS, and recommends ways for DHS to carry out its responsibilities in the most effective, efficient, and economical manner possible. We also seek to deter, identify and address fraud, abuse, mismanagement, and waste of taxpayer funds invested in Homeland Security.


The OIG operates a hotline where DHS employees and others can report fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement, or other criminal or noncriminal misconduct. The toll-free number to call is 1 (800) 323-8603; Fax at (202) 254-4292. We prefer you use our Hotline Allegation Form, which allows you to report allegations in detail and to include relevant documents and other evidence.

Annual Performance Plan and DHS’ Core Missions:

The OIG publishes an Annual Performance Plan listing planned audits and inspections. It aligns with DHS’s core missions:


  1.  Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security;

  2.  Securing and Managing Our Borders;

  3.  Enforcing and Administering Our Immigration Laws;

  4.  Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace; and

  5.  Ensuring Resilient Response to Disasters

OIG Fiscal Year 2016 Accomplishments:



  •   Questioned Costs: $186,015,649
  •   Funds Put to Better Use: $131,232,078
  •   Funds Recovered/Deobligated: $37,381,683
  •   Restitution: $27,628,188
  •   Fines: $316,292




  •   Reports Issued: 147
  •   Recommendations Issued: 370
  •   Recommendations Closed: 416
  •   Hotline/Whistleblower Complaints Received: 20,683
  •   Investigations Closed: 836
  •   Investigations Referred to Prosecution: 224
  •   Arrests: 114
  •   Convictions: 102




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