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Results of Office of Inspector General FY 2016 Spot Inspections of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Family Detention Facilities

Executive Summary

As part of our ongoing oversight of detention conditions, we completed unannounced inspections of three U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) family detention facilities.  During these inspections, nothing came to our attention that warranted serious concerns about the health, safety, or welfare of the detained families.  Specifically, we did not observe any conditions or actions that represented an immediate, unaddressed risk or an egregious violation of ICE’s Family Residential Standards.  The facilities were clean, well-organized, and efficiently run.  At all three facilities, ICE was satisfactorily addressing the inherent challenges of providing medical care and language services and ensuring the safety of families in detention.  Staff said they had received training for handling allegations of sexual assault or abuse and child abuse, and all staff interviewed could identify the appropriate steps for handling such allegations, complaints, or grievances.  We also observed surveillance cameras and perimeter security at all three facilities.  Staff at all three facilities reported they store camera footage for at least three weeks; staff at one facility reported cameras cannot see certain spots in public areas; and facility perimeters may not prevent unauthorized intrusion.  We made no recommendations in this report.

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