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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

Report Number Title Issue Date Sort ascending Fiscal Year
OIG-23-49 FEMA's Technological Hazards Division Assisted State, Local, and Tribal Governments with Preparing to Respond to Radiological and Chemical Incidents 2023
OIG-23-37 FEMA Continues to Make Improper Reimbursements through the Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant Program 2023
OIG-23-34 FEMA Did Not Effectively Manage the Distribution of COVID-19 Medical Supplies and Equipment 2023
OIG-23-32 FEMA Did Not Always Secure Information Stored on Mobile Devices to Prevent Unauthorized Access 2023
OIG-23-20 FEMA Should Increase Oversight to Prevent Potential Misuse of Humanitarian Relief Funds 2023
OIG-23-14 FEMA Did Not Provide Sufficient Oversight of Project Airbridge 2023
OIG-22-76 FEMA’s Management of Mission Assignments to Other Federal Agencies Needs Improvement 2022
OIG-22-77 FEMA Did Not Effectively Manage Disaster Case Management Program Funds in Support of Hurricane Maria Recovery Services 2022
OIG-22-74 FEMA Made Efforts to Address Inequities in Disadvantaged Communities Related to COVID-19 Community Vaccination Center Locations and Also Plans to Address Inequity in Future Operations 2022
OIG-22-69 FEMA Did Not Implement Controls to Prevent More than $3.7 Billion in Improper Payments from the Lost Wages Assistance Program 2022
OIG-22-72 A Review of FEMA Funding for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Response and Relief 2022
OIG-22-56 FEMA Needs to Improve Its Oversight of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program 2022
OIG-22-51 Assessment of FEMA's Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Program 2022
OIG-22-46 FEMA Needs to Improve Oversight and Management of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Property Acquisitions 2022
OIG-22-43 FEMA's Waiver Authority under the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 2022
OIG-22-36 Management Alert - FEMA's COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Operating Procedures Are Inconsistent with Previous Interpretation of Long-Standing Regulations for Eligible Funeral Expenses 2022
OIG-22-35 FEMA Successfully Assisted HHS in Providing Shelter and Supplies to Unaccompanied Children from the Southwest Border 2022
OIG-22-32 FEMA Followed Its Declaration Request Policies, but Could Improve Its Records Management 2022
OIG-22-25 FEMA Should Apply Lessons Learned from the STEP Pilot Program Implementation in Puerto Rico to Future Programs 2022
OIG-22-11 FEMA Continues to Phase Out Its Use of Alternative Contracting Methods to Administer the National Flood Insurance Program 2022
OIG-22-07 FEMA Did Not Always Accurately Report COVID-19 Contract Actions in the Federal Procurement Data System 2022
OIG-21-71 FEMA Must Take Additional Steps to Better Address Employee Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct 2021
OIG-21-64 Lessons Learned from FEMA's Initial Response to COVID-19 2021
OIG-21-54 FEMA Prematurely Obligated $478 Million in Public Assistance Funds from FY 2017 through FY 2019 2021
OIG-21-50 Inadequate FEMA Oversight Delayed Completion and Closeout of Louisiana's Public Assistance Projects 2021
OIG-21-43 FEMA Has Not Prioritized Compliance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, Hindering Its Ability to Reduce Repetitive Damages to Roads and Bridges 2021
OIG-21-44 FEMA Must Strengthen Its Responsibility Determination Process 2021
OIG-21-42 FEMA Initiated the Hurricane Harvey Direct Housing Assistance Agreement without Necessary Processes and Controls 2021
OIG-21-41 FEMA's Efforts to Provide Funds to Reconstruct the Vieques Community Health Center 2021
OIG-21-28 FEMA Needs Revised Policies and Procedures to Better Manage Recovery of Disallowed Grant Funds 2021
OIG-21-23 FEMA Needs to Reduce the $579 Million Backlog of Projects in its New York Public Assistance Grant Program 2021
OIG-21-26 FEMA's Procurement and Cost Reimbursement Review Process Needs Improvement 2021
OIG-21-24 FEMA Needs to Improve Guidance and Oversight for the Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant 2021
OIG-21-25 Success of Future Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts Depends on FEMA Addressing Current Vulnerabilities 2021
OIG-21-20 Better Oversight and Planning are Needed to Improve FEMA's Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program 2021
OIG-21-10 FEMA Should Disallow $12.2 Million in Disaster Case Management Program Grant Funds Awarded to New York for Hurricane Sandy 2021
OIG-21-04 FIMA Made Progress Modernizing Its NFIP System, but Data Quality Needs Improvement 2021
OIG-20-76 FEMA Mismanaged the Commodity Distribution Process in Response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria 2020
OIG-20-63 FEMA Should Recover $216.2 Million Awarded to the Recovery School District in Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina 2020
OIG-20-68 FEMA Is Not Effectively Administering a Program to Reduce or Eliminate Damage to Severe Repetitive Loss Properties 2020
OIG-20-60 FEMA Has Paid Billions in Improper Payments for SBA Dependent Other Needs Assistance since 2003 2020
OIG-20-44 Pre-Disaster Debris Removal Contracts in Florida 2020
OIG-20-58 FEMA Did Not Properly Award and Oversee the Transitional Sheltering Assistance Contract 2020
OIG-20-57 FEMA's Public Assistance Grant to PREPA and PREPA's Contracts with Whitefish and Cobra Did Not Fully Comply with Federal Laws and Program Guidelines 2020
OIG-20-50 Early Warning Audit of FEMA Public Assistance Grants to Polk County School Board, Florida 2020
OIG-20-51 Early Warning Audit of FEMA Public Assistance Grants in Monroe County, Florida 2020
OIG-20-48 Early Warning Audit of FEMA Public Assistance Grants to Lee County, Florida 2020
OIG-20-49 Houston, Texas Has Adequate Policies, Procedures, and Business Practices to Manage Its FEMA Grant 2020
OIG-20-46 Early Warning Audit of FEMA Public Assistance Grants to Collier County, Florida 2020
OIG-20-41 Inadequate Management and Oversight Jeopardized $187.3 Million in FEMA Grant Funds Expended by Joplin Schools, Missouri 2020