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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

Report Number Title Issue Date Sort ascending Fiscal Year
OIG-17-30 Review of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Fiscal Year 2016 Detailed Accounting Submission 2017
OIG-17-32 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2016 Detailed Accounting Submission 2017
OIG-17-29 Review of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Fiscal Year 2016 Detailed Accounting Submission 2017
OIG-17-34-D Columbia County Roads Department, Oregon, Needs Continued State and FEMA Assistance in Managing Its FEMA Grant 2017
OIG-17-31 Review of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Fiscal Year 2016 Drug Control Performance Summary Report 2017
OIG-17-33 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2016 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2016 Drug Control Performance Summary Report 2017
OIG-17-25-D The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority in Victorville, California, Did Not Properly Manage $32 Million in FEMA Grant Funds 2017
OIG-17-27-MA Management Advisory Report: Review of FEMA Region IV Strategic Source IDIQ Contract for Office Supplies (OIG-17-27-MA) 2017
OIG-17-26-MA Management Alert - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Use of the Electronic Immigration System for Naturalization Benefits Processing (OIG-17-26-MA) 2017
OIG-17-23-VR Verification Review of USCIS' Progress in Implementing OIG Recommendations for SAVE to Accurately Determine Immigration Status of Individuals Ordered Deported 2017
OIG-17-21-D Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Effectively Managed FEMA Grant Funds Awarded for Hurricane Sandy Damages 2017
OIG-17-22 DHS Lacks Oversight of Component Use of Force (Redacted) 2017
OIG-17-24 Evaluation of DHS' Information Security Program for Fiscal Year 2016 2017
OIG-17-19-D Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, Oklahoma, Has Adequate Policies, Procedures, and Business Practices to Manage its FEMA Grant 2017
OIG-17-20-D FEMA Should Disallow $577,959 of $2.9 Million Awarded to Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority for Hurricane Irene Damages 2017
OIG-17-18-D FEMA Should Disallow $2.0 Million of $3.59 Million Awarded to Stratford, Connecticut 2017
OIG-17-06-D FEMA Should Recover $1.8 Million of $5.5 Million in Public Assistance Grant Funds Awarded to Columbia County, Florida, for Tropical Storm Debby Damages 2017
OIG-17-17-D Omaha Public Power District in Nebraska Generally Accounted for and Expended FEMA Grant Funds Properly 2017
OIG-17-16-VR Verification Review of Larimer County, Colorado, OIG Audit Report (OIG-15-34-D) 2017
OIG-17-14 Summary Report on Audits of Security Controls for TSA Information Technology Systems at Airports (Redacted) 2017
OIG-17-15 Texas Management of Homeland Security Grant Program Awards for Fiscal Years 2012-14 2017
OIG-17-13-D Summary and Key Findings of Fiscal Year 2015 FEMA Disaster Grant and Program Audits 2017
OIG-17-11 Better Safeguards Are Needed in USCIS Green Card Issuance 2017
OIG-17-12 Independent Auditors' Report on DHS' FY 2016 Financial Statements and Internal Control over Financial Reporting 2017
OIG-17-10 The Secret Service Has Taken Action to Address the Recommendations of the Protective Mission Panel 2017
OIG-17-09 DHS Drug Interdiction Efforts Need Improvement 2017
OIG-17-07-D FEMA Should Recover $2.4 Million in Investment Gains Pennsylvania Improperly Earned on Federal Disaster Funds 2017
OIG-17-08 Major Management and Performance Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security 2017
OIG-17-05 DHS Is Slow to Hire Law Enforcement Personnel 2017
OIG-17-04 TSA Could Improve Its Oversight of Airport Controls over Access Media Badges (Redacted) 2017
OIG-17-03 AMO and Coast Guard Maritime Missions Are Not Duplicative, But Could Improve with Better Coordination 2017
OIG-17-02 DHS Pandemic Planning Needs Better Oversight, Training, and Execution 2017
OIG-17-01 USSS Faces Challenges Protecting Sensitive Case Management Systems and Data 2017
OIG-16-143-D FEMA Should Recover $25.4 Million in Grant Funds Awarded to Louisville, Mississippi, for an April 2014 Disaster 2016
OIG-16-142 Review of the Department of Homeland Security's Implementation of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 2016
OIG-16-139-D FEMA Should Implement Consistent Joint Field Office Guidance 2016
OIG-16-141 DHS Has Not Trained Classified Network Users on the Classification Management Tool 2016
OIG-16-140-D FEMA Should Recover $9.9 Million of $36.6 Million Awarded to the Town of North Hempstead, New York, for Hurricane Sandy Damages 2016
OIG-16-137-D City of Eureka, Missouri, Needs Additional Assistance and Monitoring to Ensure Proper Management of Its $1.5 Million FEMA Grant 2016
OIG-16-138 DHS’ Progress in Implementing the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act 2016
OIG-16-136-D Calaveras County, California, Needs Additional State and FEMA Assistance in Managing Its $10.8 Million FEMA Grant ( 2016
OIG-16-135-D FEMA Should Recover $3.4 Million of the $3.5 Million Awarded to Hope Academy for Hurricane Katrina Damages 2016
OIG-16-134 Transportation Security Administration Needs a Crosscutting Risk-Based Security Strategy 2016
OIG-16-131 Review of DHS’ Information Security Program for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2016 2016
OIG-16-133-D Louisiana Should Provide the Ouachita Parish Police Jury Assistance in Managing FEMA Grant Funds 2016
OIG-16-132-D FEMA Miscalculated the 50 Percent Rule when Deciding to Replace School Buildings after the West, Texas Explosion 2016
OIG-16-130 Potentially Ineligible Individuals Have Been Granted U.S.Citizenship Because of Incomplete Fingerprint Records 2016
OIG-16-127-D FEMA Can Enhance Readiness with Management of Its Disaster Incident Workforce 2016
OIG-16-126-D FEMA Can Do More to Improve Public Assistance Grantees’ and Subgrantees’ Compliance with Federal Procurement Rules 2016
OIG-16-129 Fiscal Year 2015 Risk Assessment of the DHS Bank Card Program Indicates Moderate Risk 2016