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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

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Report Number Title Sort descending Issue Date Fiscal Year
OIG-09-60 DHS' Progress in Disaster Recovery Planning for Information Systems 2009
OIG-11-92 Efficacy of Customs and Border Protection’s Bonding Process 2011
OIG-09-31 FEMA's Implementations of Best Practices in the Acquisition Process 2009
OIG-11-40 FEMA's Oversight and Management of Debris Removal Operation 2011
OIG-10-105 Funding Plan for the United States Coast Guard Museum 2010
OIG-09-41 Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Tracking and Transfer of Detainees 2009
OIG-09-35 Transportation Security Administration's Known Shipper Program (Redacted) 2009
OIG-11-85 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Privacy Stewardship 2011
OIG-ISP-01-03 A Review of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program 2003
OIG-12-105 Costs Invoiced by the City of Phoenix for Checked Baggage Screening Projects at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 2012
OIG-06-27 Independent Review of The U.S. Coast Guard's Reporting of FY 2005, Drug Control Funds 2006
OIG-08-43 Independent Review of The U.S. Coast Guard's Reporting of FY 2007 Drug Control Performance Summary 2008
OIG-17-48-D Iron County Forestry and Parks Department, Wisconsin, Needs Assistance and Monitoring to Ensure Proper Management of Its FEMA Grant 2017
OIG-14-17 Major Management and Performance Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security 2014
OIG-10-38 Management and Oversight of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office of International Affairs Internal Controls for Acquisitions and Employee Integrity Processes 2010
OIG-12-93 Progress Has Been Made in Securing Laptops and Wireless Networks at FEMA 2012
OIG-10-107 Recommendations to Improve the USCG's System for Adjudicating Suspension and Revocation Matters 2010
OIG-12-02 (U) Additional Department Oversight Can Improve DHS' Intelligence Systems Security Program 2012
OIG-17-58-UNSUM (U) Annual Evaluation of DHS' INFOSEC Program (Intel Systems - DHS Intelligence and Analysis) for FY 2016 2017
OIG-12-26 (U) Covert Testing of Access Controls to Secured Airport Areas 2012
OIG-11-24 (U) DHS Has Made Improvements on the Security Program for Its Intelligence Systems 2011
OIG-19-34-UNSUM (U) Evaluation of DHS' Compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act Requirements for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2018 2019
OIG-14-27 (U) Evaluation of DHS' Intelligence Systems Compliance with FISMA Requirements for FY13 2014
OIG-13-21 (U) Further Development and Reinforcement of Department Policies Can Strengthen DHS' Intelligence Systems Security Program 2013
OIG-06-58 (U) Office of Inspector General Laptop Computers are Susceptible to Compromise (Unclassified and Redacted) 2006
OIG-14-135 (U) Review of DHS' Information Security Program for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2014 2014
OIG-18-89-UNSUM (U) S&T Has Taken Steps to Address Insider Threats, But Management Challenges Remain 2018
OIG-12-06 (U) TSA Penetration Testing of Advanced Imaging Technology 2012
OIG-14-142 (U) Vulnerabilities Exist in TSA's Checked Baggage Screening Operations 2014
OIG-07-27 110'/123' Maritime Patrol Boat Modernization Project, United States Coast Guard 2007
OIG-09-16 2007 Debris Removal Pilot Program and Initiatives 2009
OIG-16-64 2014 White House Fence Jumping Incident (Redacted) 2016
OIG-07-67 A Follow-up Review of the Transportation Security Officer Background Check Process 2007
OIG-19-57 A Joint Review of Law Enforcement Cooperation on the Southwest Border between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Investigations 2019
OIG-06-32 A Performance Review of FEMA's Disaster Management Activities in Response to Hurricane Katrina 2006
OIG-04-08 A Review of Background Checks for Federal Passenger and Baggage Screeners at Airports, January 2004 ( 2004
OIG-07-40 A Review of CBP and ICE Responses to Recent Incidents of Chinese Human Smuggling in Maritime Cargo Containers (Redacted) 2007
OIG-05-45 A Review of DHS' Responsibilities For Juvenile Aliens 2005
OIG-07-68 A Review of Homeland Security Activities Along a Segment of the Michigan-Canadian Border (Unclassified Summary) 2007
OIG-06-57 A Review of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Discipline Procedures 2006
OIG-05-17 A Review of Procedures to Prevent Passenger Baggage Thefts 2005
OIG-06-15 A Review of Remote Surveillance Technology Along U.S. Land Borders 2006
OIG-04-14 A Review of the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection Program, April 2004 2004
OIG-06-07 A Review of the Top Officials 3 Exercise 2006
OIG-05-07 A Review of the Use of Stolen Passports from Visa Waiver Countries to Enter the United States 2005
OIG-06-06 A Review of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Alien Security Checks 2006
OIG-08-46 A Review of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Procurement of Untrained Canines 2008
OIG-08-21 A Review of World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company 2008
OIG-11-19 Ability to Communicate with Federal Air Marshals While in Mission Status 2011
OIG-15-138 Accurate Reporting and Oversight Needed to Help Manage DHS' Warehouse Portfolio 2015

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