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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

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Report Number Title Issue Date Fiscal Year
DA-21-05 Audit of the District of Columbia Administration of Disaster Assistance Funds 2005
DS-13-05 Audit of the City of San Jose, California Public Assistance ID. No. 085-68000 FEMA Disaster No. 1203-DR-CA 2005
DD-08-05 Kiamichi Electric Cooperative, Inc. Wilburton, Oklahoma FEMA Disaster Number DR-1355-OK Public Assistance Identification Number 000-006AE-00 2005
DA-20-05 Audit of the State of Pennsylvania Administration of Disaster Assistance Funds 2005
DA-19-05 Lowndes County, Mississippi FEMA Disaster No. 1360-DR-MS 2005
OIG-05-04 Summary of Evaluation of DHS' Security Program for Its Intelligence Systems 2005
OIG-05-03 DHS Needs to Strengthen Controls For Remote Access to Its Systems and Data 2005
OIG-05-01 Review of Alleged Actions by Transportation Security Administration to Discipline Federal Air Marshals for Talking to the Press, Congress, or the Public 2005
OIG-04-50 Re-Engining of the HH-65 Helicopter, United States Coast Guard, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-49 The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Individual and Family Grant Program Management at the World Trade Center Disaster, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-48 Review of TSA Screening Practices in Houston, Texas, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-47 Transportation Security Administration Review of the TSA Passenger and Baggage Screening Pilot Program, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-46 Assessment of Expenditures Related to the First Annual Transportation Security Administration Awards Program and Executive Performance Awards, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-45 An Evaluation of the Transportation Security Administration's Screener Training and Methods of Testing, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-44 Evaluation of TSA's Contract for the Installation and Maintenance of Explosive Detection Equipment at United States Airports, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-43 FY 2003 Mission Performance United States Coast Guard, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-42 Management Letter for the FY 2003 DHS Financial Statement Audit, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-41 Evaluation of DHS' Information Security Program for Fiscal Year 2004, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-40 Effectiveness of Customs and Border Protection's Procedures to Detect Uranium In Two Smuggling Incidents, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-38 Information Technology Management Letter for the FY 2003 DHS Financial Statement Audit, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-37 Audit of Passenger and Baggage Screening Procedures At Domestic Airports, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-35 Audit of the Automated Commercial Environment Secure Data Portal: Management Controls Needed Improvement, September 2004 2004
OIG-04-33 An Evaluation of DHS Activities to Implement Section 428 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, August 2004 2004
OIG-04-32 Evaluation of the Federal Air Marshal Service, August 2004 (PDF, 54 pages - 577 KB) 2004
OIG-04-31 DHS Challenges in Consolidating Terrorist Watch List Information, August 2004 2004
OIG-04-30 Improvements Needed to DHS' Information Technology Management Structure, July 2004 2004
OIG-04-29 Progress and Challenges in Securing the Nation's Cyberspace, July 2004 2004
OIG-04-28 Summary of A Review of the Use of Alternative Screening Procedures at an Unnamed Airport, April 28, 2004 2004
OIG-04-27 Inadequate Security Controls Increase Risks to DHS Wireless Networks, June 29, 2004 2004
OIG-04-26 An Evaluation of the Security Implications of the Visa Waiver Program, April 2004 2004
OIG-04-25 Audit of Passenger Processing Reengineering, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-24 Survey of the Science and Technology Directorate, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-21 Review of the Status of Department of Homeland Security Efforts to Address Its Major Management Challenges, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-20 AMOC Needs To Improve Written Guidelines For Providing Assistance To Other Agencies, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-18 Open Inspector General Recommendations Concerning the Former Immigration and Naturalization Service from Unaccompanied Juveniles in INS Custody, A Report by the Department of Justice Inspector General, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-15 An Audit of Distributing and Spending "First Responder" Grant Funds, March 2004 2004
OIG-04-14 A Review of the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection Program, April 2004 2004
OIG-04-13 Survey of the Information Analysis And Infrastructure Protection Directorate, February 2004 2004
OIG-04-12 An Audit of FEMA's Acquisition Workforce, March 2004 (PDF, 22 pages - 1.9MB) 2004
OIG-04-10 Independent Auditors' Report on DHS' Financial Statements, February 13, 2004 2004
OIG-04-08 A Review of Background Checks for Federal Passenger and Baggage Screeners at Airports, January 2004 ( 2004
DA-06-04 Town of Randolph, Vermont, FEMA Disaster No. 1228-DR-VT 2004
DS-04-06 Audit of the State of Washington's Department of Corrections, Olympia, WA, Public Assistance ID No. 000-UTLYX-00, FEMA Disaster No. 1361-DR-WA, Audit. 2004
DA-05-04 West Virginia Department of Transportation, FEMA Disaster No. 1229-DR-WV 2004
DS-16-04 The Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audited Public Assistance Grant Funds Awarded to King County, Seattle, Washington (County), July 27, 2004 2004
DA-22-04 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, FEMA Disaster No. 1163-DR-KY 2004
DA-21-04 Municipality of Ceiba, FEMA Disaster No. 1247-DR-PR 2004
DA-20-04 State of South Carolina, Emergency Management Division 2004
DA-19-04 City of Raleigh, North Carolina, FEMA Disaster No. 1312-DR-NC 2004
DA-18-04 City of Raleigh, North Carolina, FEMA Disaster No. 1292-DR-DC 2004

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