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Ongoing Projects

New Title Sort descending Project Objective DHS Component Mission Area
Allegations that Certain TSA Approved Airport Security Policies and Practices Place Public Safety at Risk

To Determine whether TSA engage in actions that constitute gross mismanagement and substantial and specific danger to public safety

TSA Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security
Audit of Transportation Security Administration's Acquisition of Advanced Imaging Technology

To determine whether the Transportation Security Administration's acquisition of Advanced Imaging Technology addresses needed capabilities.

TSA Promoting Program Integrity
Effectiveness of TSA's Quiet Skies Program

To determine the extent to which TSA (1) collects data for its Quiet Skies program and monitors performance measures to ensure program effectiveness; and (2) evaluates the cost of the Quiet Skies program relative to other transportation security programs.

TSA Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security
Review of DHS Law Enforcement Agencies' Compliance with the Lautenberg Amendment

Determine whether DHS agencies with law enforcement officers and agents are complying with requirements of the Lautenberg Amendment.

CBP, ICE, Secret Service, TSA Promoting Program Integrity
Safeguarding and Regulating Biometrics

Determine DHS' ability to safeguard and regulate biometrics data within the Department.

CBP, DHS, TSA, Other Promoting Program Integrity
Transportation Security Administration's Use of Canines as a Layer of Security

The objective is to determine the extent to which the Transportation Security Administration's canine program can detect a variety of explosive items to safeguard the traveling public. Our audit will include an assessment of the quantity of canines, level of canine training, and accompanying procedures.

TSA Promoting Program Integrity

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