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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

Report Number Title Issue Date Sort ascending Fiscal Year
OIG-20-13 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Criminal Alien Program Faces Challenges 2020
OIG-20-12 Aransas County, Texas, Needs Continued Assistance and Monitoring to Ensure Proper Management of Its FEMA Grant 2020
OIG-20-10 Risk Assessment of FEMA's Grant Closeout Process 2020
OIG-20-09 DHS Confirmed It Has Applied Lessons Learned in the Latest Financial System Modernization Effort 2020
OIG-20-08 Refugio County, Texas, Has Implemented Adequate Procurement Policies, Procedures, and Business Practices to Manage Its FEMA Grant 2020
OIG-20-07 Lack of Internal Controls Could Affect the Validity of CBP’s Drawback Claims 2020
OIG-20-06 DHS Lacked Technology Needed to Successfully Account for Separated Migrant Families 2020
OIG-20-05 CBP, ICE, TSA, and Secret Service Have Taken Steps to Address Illegal and Prescription Opioid Use 2020
OIG-20-04 Audit of DHS Fiscal Year 2017 Purchase and Travel Card Programs 2020
OIG-20-03 Independent Auditors' Report on DHS' FY 2019 Financial Statements and Internal Control over Financial Reporting 2020
OIG-20-02 Major Management and Performance Challenges Facing the DHS 2020
OIG-20-01 Review of Box Elder County, Utah's Procurement Policies and Procedures for Disaster No. 4311-DR-UT, Grant No. 003-99003-00 2020
OIG-19-67 Limitations of CBP OFO's Screening Device Used to Identify Fentanyl and Other Narcotics 2019
OIG-19-66 FEMA Did Not Sufficiently Safeguard Use of Transportation Assistance Funds 2019
OIG-19-63 FEMA Should Disallow $1.1 Million in Grant Funds Awarded to Richland County, North Dakota 2019
OIG-19-64 The State of Washington's Oversight of FEMA's Public Assistance Grant Program for Fiscal Years 2015-2017 Was Generally Effective 2019
OIG-19-61 FEMA Did Not Properly Review the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's Request for $306 Million in Public Assistance Funds 2019
OIG-19-62 DHS Needs to Improve Cybersecurity Workforce Planning 2019
OIG-19-60 Evaluation of DHS' Information Security Program for Fiscal Year 2018 2019
OIG-19-59 S&T Is Not Effectively Coordinating Research and Development Efforts across DHS 2019
OIG-19-58 FEMA's Longstanding IT Deficiencies Hindered 2017 Response and Recovery Operations 2019
OIG-19-57 A Joint Review of Law Enforcement Cooperation on the Southwest Border between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Investigations 2019
OIG-19-56 TSA's Data and Methods for Classifying Its Criminal Investigators as Law Enforcement Officers Need Improvement 2019
OIG-19-54 Louisiana Did Not Properly Oversee a $706.6 Million Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Award for Work on Louisiana Homes 2019
OIG-19-55 FEMA Must Take Additional Steps to Demonstrate the Importance of Fraud Prevention and Awareness in FEMA Disaster Assistance Programs 2019
OIG-19-53 Management Alert - CBP Did Not Adequately Protect Employees from Possible Fentanyl Exposure 2019
OIG-19-52 FEMA's Eligibility Determination of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority's Contract with Cobra Acquisitions LLC 2019
OIG-19-50 Inadequate Oversight of Low Value DHS Contracts 2019
OIG-19-51 Management Alert - DHS Needs to Address Dangerous Overcrowding and Prolonged Detention of Children and Adults in the Rio Grande Valley 2019
OIG-19-49 CBP's Global Entry Program Is Vulnerable to Exploitation 2019
OIG-19-48 DHS Needs to Improve Its Oversight of Misconduct and Discipline 2019
OIG-19-47 Concerns about ICE Detainee Treatment and Care at Four Detention Facilities 2019
OIG-19-44 Audit of DHS' Issuance and Management of Other Transaction Agreements Involving Consortium Activities 2019
OIG-19-46 Management Alert - DHS Needs to Address Dangerous Overcrowding Among Single Adults at El Paso Del Norte Processing Center 2019
OIG-19-45 Lessons Learned from Prior Reports on FEMA's 50 Percent Repair-or-Replace Rule Decisions 2019
OIG-19-43 Department of Homeland Security's FY 2018 Compliance with the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 and Executive Order 13520, Reducing Improper Payments 2019
OIG-19-42 DHS Needs to Address Oversight and Program Deficiencies before Expanding the Insider Threat Program 2019
OIG-19-41 Special Report: Review Regarding DHS OIG's Retraction of Thirteen Reports Evaluating FEMA's Initial Response to Disasters 2019
OIG-19-39 Audit of Department of Homeland Security's Fiscal Year 2017 Conference Spending 2019
OIG-19-40 Data Quality Improvements Needed to Track Adjudicative Decisions 2019
OIG-19-38 FEMA Should Not Have Awarded Two Contracts to Bronze Star LLC 2019
OIG-19-37 Additional Controls Needed to Better Manage FEMA's Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program 2019
OIG-19-36 Missouri's Management of State Homeland Security Program and Urban Areas Security Initiative Grants Awarded During Fiscal Years 2012 through 2015 2019
OIG-19-35 TSA Needs to Improve Efforts to Retain, Hire, and Train Its Transportation Security Officers 2019
OIG-19-34-UNSUM (U) Evaluation of DHS' Compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act Requirements for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2018 2019
OIG-19-33 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2018 Detailed Accounting Submission for Drug Control Funds 2019
OIG-19-32 Management Alert - FEMA Did Not Safeguard Disaster Survivors' Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (REDACTED) 2019
OIG-19-31 Oregon's Management of State Homeland Security Program and Urban Areas Security Initiative Grants Awarded During Fiscal Years 2013 through 2015 2019
OIG-19-28 ICE Faces Barriers in Timely Repatriation of Detained Aliens 2019
OIG-19-26 Review of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Fiscal Year 2018 Drug Control Performance Summary Report 2019