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Consistent with CDC guidance, most Office of Inspector General employees are currently serving the American people remotely.  We are determined to keep interruptions to our operations to a minimum, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Information and guidance about COVID-19 is available at

OIG Resources

Date Issued Title
07/01/16 Audit Tips for Managing Disaster-Related Project Costs (PDF, 19 pages - 425 KB)
05/20/14 DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s Memo on Cooperation with OIG (PDF, 1 page - 236 KB)
07/31/13 Intelligence Community IGs (PDF, 1 page - 285 KB)
04/08/08 Secretarial Memo on Cooperation with the Office of Inspector General (PDF, 2 pages - 682 KB)
06/10/04 Management Directive 0810.1 (PDF, 1 page - 285 KB)


Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE)

Date Issued Report Number Title
09/16/13 OIG-13-121

New Media for Offices of Inspectors General: A Discussion of Legal, Privacy and Information Security Issues (PDF, 85 pages – 1.13 MB)


Recommended Practices for Office of Inspector General Hotlines (PDF, 40 pages – 731 KB)

10/14/11 OIG-11-121

Management Advisory Report On Cybersecurity(PDF, 60 pages – 881 KB)

09/30/11 OIG-11-120

Recommended Practices for Office of Inspectors General Use of New Media (PDF, 55 pages – 2.24 MB)

06/06/11 OIG-11-88 Compendium of Disaster Preparedness Programs (PDF, 44 pages – 2.69MB)

Peer Reviews

Date Issued Title
06/10/15 External Peer Review of DHS OIG - System Review Report for the Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2014 (PDF, 6 pages - 585 KB)