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Response to Allegations that a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Contractor Transport Detainees in Non-Air-Conditioned Vehicles (Redacted)

Executive Summary

In June 2015, we received a hotline complaint that “due to repair cost,” CBP’s contractor in the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector was transporting some detainees in non-air-conditioned vehicles. The complainant also alleged the contractor did not maintain some vehicles adequately and would hide “defective” vehicles from inspection. In August 2015, we conducted unannounced spot inspections of CBP’s contractor’s vehicles in the Tucson sector. The contractor did not hide vehicles from inspection. Through our inspections, we determined the contractor’s vehicles could reach reasonable temperatures or were operating at reasonable temperatures; we also determined that CBP and its contractor had addressed previously known problems with inadequate vehicle air conditioning. Finally, we reviewed the contractor’s maintenance program and determined the contractor has adequate policies, procedures, and processes to maintain detainee transport vehicles, and the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector has sufficient oversight of the contractor’s program.

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