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Conditions at CBP's Forward Operating Bases along the Southwest Border (Redacted)

Executive Summary

To sustain border security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has established permanent facilities in forward or remote locations, called Forward Operating Bases. We determined whether Forward Operating Bases provide adequate living conditions, security, and safety for employees. Of the seven Forward Operating Bases we inspected along the southwest border, six have adequate living conditions. One Forward Operating Base has security issues, safety and health concerns, and inadequate living conditions. At the other six Forward Operating Bases, we identified security issues, such as inoperable security cameras, as well as an ongoing challenge to provide safe drinking water. In addition, we determined that CBP is not performing all required Forward Operating Base inspections or adequately documenting maintenance and repairs. Without regular inspections and timely maintenance and repairs, CBP cannot ensure it will continue to provide adequate security, safety, and living conditions for its personnel working at these remote facilities.

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