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Colorado County, Texas, Has Adequate Policies, Procedures, and Business Practices to Manage Its FEMA Grant

Executive Summary

We determined that the County can account for and adequately support disaster-related costs.  However, the County’s procurement policies, procedures, and business practices do not meet all Federal procurement standard requirements.  As a result, the County awarded two bridge construction contracts totaling $458,150 without full and open competition.  We recommended that FEMA not fund $458,150 of ineligible contract costs, unless FEMA grants an exception for all or part of the costs according to Federal regulations.  Because of our audit, County officials said they will not claim FEMA reimbursement for either of the two contracts.  We discussed this decision with FEMA Region VI officials who said they will be alert for these costs should the County seek reimbursement for either of the two bridge construction contracts.  Based on FEMA’s response we consider this report closed and require no further action from FEMA.

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