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Individuals with Multiple Identities in Historical Fingerprint Enrollment Records Who Have Received Immigration Benefits

Executive Summary

We determined that 9,389 aliens identified as having multiple identities had received an immigration benefit.  When taking into account the most current immigration benefit these aliens received, we determined that naturalization, permanent residence, work authorization, and temporary protected status represent the greatest number of benefits, accounting for 8,447 or 90 percent of the 9,389 cases.  Benefits for the remaining 10 percent of cases include applications for asylum and appeals to immigration court decisions.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has drafted a policy memorandum, Guidance for Prioritizing IDENT Derogatory Information Related to Historical Fingerprint Enrollment Records, outlining how it will review cases of individuals with multiple identities whose fingerprints were uploaded into the Automated Biometric Identification System through Historical Fingerprint Enrollment Records.  We did not make any recommendations.

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