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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

Report Number Title Issue Date Sort ascending Fiscal Year
OIG-22-68 U.S. Border Patrol Faces Challenges Administering Post-Apprehension Outcomes Consistently Across Sectors 2022
OIG-22-66 DHS Technology Systems Do Not Effectively Support Migrant Tracking at the Southwest Border 2022
OIG-22-65 USCIS Should Improve Controls to Restrict Unauthorized Access to Its Systems and Information 2022
OIG-22-64 DHS Encountered Obstacles to Screen, Vet, and Inspect All Evacuees during the Recent Afghanistan Crisis (REDACTED) 2022
OIG-22-63 CISA and FEMA Can Improve Coordination Efforts to Ensure Energy Sector Resilience 2022
OIG-22-62 DHS Can Better Mitigate the Risks Associated with Malware, Ransomware, and Phishing Attacks 2022
OIG-22-60 (U) Evaluation of DHS' Compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act Requirements for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2021 2022
OIG-22-61 (U) Vulnerabilities Continue to Exist in TSA's Checked Baggage Screening 2022
OIG-22-59 Additional Progress Needed to Improve Information Sharing under the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 2022
OIG-22-58 DHS Needs a Unified Strategy to Counter Disinformation Campaigns 2022
OIG-22-56 FEMA Needs to Improve Its Oversight of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program 2022
OIG-22-57 El Paso Sector Border Patrol Struggled with Prolonged Detention and Consistent Compliance with TEDS Standards 2022
OIG-22-55 Evaluation of DHS' Information Security Program for Fiscal Year 2021 2022
OIG-22-54 DHS Did Not Adequately or Efficiently Deploy Its Employees to U.S. Military Installations in Support of Operation Allies Welcome 2022
OIG-22-53 DHS Has Controls to Safeguard Watchlist Data. 2022
OIG-22-52 DHS and CBP Should Improve Intellectual Property Rights Management and Enforcement - (REDACTED) 2022
OIG-22-51 Assessment of FEMA's Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Program 2022
OIG-22-50 The Office of Intelligence and Analysis Needs to Improve its Open Source Intelligence Reporting Process 2022
OIG-22-49 DHS Could Do More to Address the Threats of Domestic Terrorism 2022
OIG-22-48 CBP Complied with Facial Recognition Policies to Identify International Travelers at Airports 2022
OIG-22-47 Violations of ICE Detention Standards at Folkston Processing Center and Folkston Annex 2022
OIG-22-46 FEMA Needs to Improve Oversight and Management of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Property Acquisitions 2022
OIG-22-45 Department of Homeland Security's FY 2021 Compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 and Executive Order 13520, Reducing Improper Payments 2022
OIG-22-44 ICE Did Not Follow Policies, Guidance, or Recommendations to Ensure Migrants Were Tested for COVID-19 before Transport on Domestic Commercial Flights 2022
OIG-22-43 FEMA's Waiver Authority under the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 2022
OIG-22-42 Lessons Learned from DHS' Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative 2022
OIG-22-39 CBP and CWMD Need to Improve Monitoring and Maintenance of Radiation Portal Monitor Systems - (REDACTED) 2022
OIG-22-41 DHS Actions Related to an I&A Intelligence Product Deviated from Standard Procedures - (REDACTED) 2022
OIG-22-40 Violations of ICE Detention Standards at South Texas ICE Processing Center 2022
OIG-22-38 Yuma Sector Border Patrol Struggled to Meet TEDS Standards for Single Adult Men but Generally Met TEDS Standards for Other Populations 2022
OIG-22-36 Management Alert - FEMA's COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Operating Procedures Are Inconsistent with Previous Interpretation of Long-Standing Regulations for Eligible Funeral Expenses 2022
OIG-22-37 ICE Spent Funds on Unused Beds, Missed Detention Standards while Housing Migrant Families in Hotels 2022
OIG-22-35 FEMA Successfully Assisted HHS in Providing Shelter and Supplies to Unaccompanied Children from the Southwest Border 2022
OIG-22-34 CBP Needs Improved Oversight for Its Centers of Excellence and Expertise 2022
OIG-22-33 The Office for Bombing Prevention Needs to Improve Its Management and Assessment of Capabilities to Counter Improvised Explosive Devices 2022
OIG-22-32 FEMA Followed Its Declaration Request Policies, but Could Improve Its Records Management 2022
OIG-22-31 Management Alert - Immediate Removal of All Detainees from the Torrance County Detention Facility 2022
OIG-22-30 S&T Needs to Improve Its Management and Oversight of R&D Projects 2022
OIG-22-29 I&A Identified Threats prior to January 6, 2021, but Did Not Issue Any Intelligence Products before the U.S. Capitol Breach (REDACTED) 2022
OIG-22-28 Management Alert - Reporting Suspected Fraud of Lost Wages Assistance 2022
OIG-22-27 CBP Officials Implemented Rapid DNA Testing to Verify Claimed Parent-Child Relationships 2022
OIG-22-26 CBP Border Patrol Stations and Ports of Entry in Southern California Generally Met TEDS Standards 2022
OIG-22-25 FEMA Should Apply Lessons Learned from the STEP Pilot Program Implementation in Puerto Rico to Future Programs 2022
OIG-22-23 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2021 Drug Control Budget Formulation Compliance Report 2022
OIG-22-24 Review of U.S. Coast Guard's Fiscal Year 2021 Detailed Accounting Report for Drug Control Funds 2022
OIG-22-19 Review of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Fiscal Year 2021 Drug Control Budget Formulation Compliance Report 2022
OIG-22-20 Review of Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers' Fiscal Year 2021 Drug Control Budget Formulation Compliance Report 2022
OIG-22-21 Review of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Fiscal Year 2021 Drug Control Budget Formulation Compliance Report 2022
OIG-22-22 Rio Grande Valley Area Border Patrol Struggles with High Volumes of Detainees and Cases of Prolonged Detention but Has Taken Consistent Measures to Improve Conditions in Facilities 2022
OIG-22-17 Review of Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ Fiscal Year 2021 Detailed Accounting Report for Drug Control Funds 2022