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Addendum: Investigation into the Improper Access and Distribution of Information Contained Within a Secret Service Data System

On September 25, 2015, we submitted a report of our investigation of the improper access of Chairman Jason Chaffetz' Secret Service applicant file. On September 30, after receiving information from Director Clancy, we reopened the investigation to receive and assess new information as to when Director Clancy was notified of the events in question.  We concluded in our initial report, based on the interview we conducted with Director Clancy, that the Director was unaware that information concerning Chairman Chaffetz' application was being widely circulated within the Secret Service until after it had circulated for over a week. In being re-interviewed, Director Clancy told investigators that he now believes he became aware of a rumor of Chairman Chaffetz' application on March 25, even though he stated he has no present and independent recollection of being told this. We are unable to determine, because he has no memory of it, the degree to which Director Clancy understood how widely the information was being disseminated within the Secret Service, or whether he understood that the discussion about Chairman Chaffetz was being fueled and confirmed by dozens of agents improperly accessing a protected file. We also know that no agency-wide affirmative steps were taken to stop access to the record until after the information was reported in the media.


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