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Security Enhancements Needed to the TSA PreCheck™ Initiative

Executive Summary

In October 2011, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) introduced the TSA PreCheck initiative in response to congressional authorization to implement trusted passenger programs. TSA identifies low-risk passengers to receive expedited screening through TSA PreCheck lanes at airport security checkpoints. After initial implementation, Congress directed TSA to (1) certify by the end of December 2013 that 25 percent of air passengers are eligible for expedited screening without lowering security standards and (2) outline a strategy to increase the number of air passengers eligible for expedited screening to 50 percent by the end of December 2014. Our objectives were to determine: (1) what processes and procedures exist to ensure proper vetting of applicants; (2) how TSA assesses member continued eligibility; and (3) how TSA tests its processes for effectiveness and timeliness. As a concept, TSA PreCheck is a positive step towards risk-based security screening; however, TSA needs to modify TSA PreCheck vetting and screening processes. We also determined that TSACheckcommunication and coordination need improvement. We are making recommendations to assist TSA in correcting deficiencies to meet its expedited screening goals.

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