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Audits, Inspections, and Evaluations

Report Number Title Issue Date Sort ascending Fiscal Year
OIG-23-61 CBP, ICE, and Secret Service Did Not Adhere to Privacy Policies or Develop Sufficient Policies Before Procuring and Using Commercial Telemetry Data - (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-62 Results of Unannounced Inspections of CBP Holding Facilities in the Laredo Area 2023
OIG-23-60 CBP Accounted for Its Firearms but Did Not Always Account for Ammunition or Monitor Storage Facilities 2023
OIG-23-57 Better TSA Tracking and Follow-up for the 2021 Security Directives Implementation Should Strengthen Pipeline Cybersecurity - (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-54 CBP Needs to Improve Its Video and Audio Coverage at Land Ports of Entry 2023
OIG-23-59 ICE Should Improve Controls Over Its Transportation Services Contracts 2023
OIG-23-56 CBP Did Not Effectively Conduct International Mail Screening or Implement the STOP Act - (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-58 DHS Needs to Update Its Strategy to Better Manage Its Biometric Capability Needs 2023
OIG-23-55 DHS Needs to Improve Annual Monitoring of Major Acquisition Programs to Ensure They Continue to Meet Department Needs 2023
OIG-23-52 ICE Did Not Accurately Measure and Report Its Progress in Disrupting or Dismantling Transnational Criminal Organizations 2023
OIG-23-53 Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology System Compliance with 28 C.F.R. Part 23 2023
OIG-23-50 Results of Unannounced Inspections of CBP Holding Facilities in the El Paso Area 2023
OIG-23-51 Results of an Unannounced Inspection of ICE's Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green, Virginia 2023
OIG-23-49 FEMA's Technological Hazards Division Assisted State, Local, and Tribal Governments with Preparing to Respond to Radiological and Chemical Incidents 2023
OIG-23-47 DHS Does Not Have Assurance That All Migrants Can be Located Once Released into the United States (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-48 CBP's Management of International Mail Facilities Puts Officer Safety and Mission Requirements at Risk 2023
OIG-23-46 The United States Coast Guard Needs to Determine the Impact and Effectiveness of Its Streamlined Inspection Program 2023
OIG-23-45 CBP Could Do More to Plan for Facilities Along the Southwest Border 2023
OIG-23-44 Cybersecurity System Review of the Transportation Security Administration's Selected High Value Asset 2023
OIG-23-43 CBP Implemented Effective Technical Controls to Secure a Selected Tier 1 High Value Asset System 2023
OIG-23-42 Ineffective Controls Over COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Leave the Program Susceptible to Waste and Abuse 2023
OIG-23-41 ICE Has Limited Ability to Identify and Combat Trade-Based Money Laundering Schemes 2023
OIG-23-40 USCIS Has Generally Met Statutory Requirements to Adjudicate Asylum Applications from Paroled Afghan Evacuees 2023
OIG-23-39 CBP Outbound Inspections Disrupt Transnational Criminal Organization Illicit Operations (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-37 FEMA Continues to Make Improper Reimbursements through the Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant Program 2023
OIG-23-38 Results of an Unannounced Inspection of ICE's Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia 2023
OIG-23-36 United States Coast Guard Instituted Controls for the Offshore Patrol Cutter Extraordinary Relief Request, But Guidance Could Be Improved 2023
OIG-23-35 DHS Components Did Not Always Adhere to Internal Control Policies and Procedures for Ensuring That Bankcard Program Spending Limits Are Established Based on Procurement Needs 2023
OIG-23-33 ICE Should Improve Controls to Restrict Unauthorized Access to Its Systems and Information 2023
OIG-23-34 FEMA Did Not Effectively Manage the Distribution of COVID-19 Medical Supplies and Equipment 2023
OIG-23-32 FEMA Did Not Always Secure Information Stored on Mobile Devices to Prevent Unauthorized Access 2023
OIG-23-31 CBP Released a Migrant on a Terrorist Watchlist, and ICE Faced Information Sharing Challenges Planning and Conducting the Arrest (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-30 (U) Evaluation of DHS' Compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act Requirements for Intelligence Systems for Fiscal Year 2022 2023
OIG-23-29 Results of Unannounced Inspections of CBP Holding Facilities in the Yuma and Tucson Areas 2023
National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2023, Section 5275 Interim Joint Report 2023
OIG-23-28 Results of Unannounced Inspections of CBP Holding Facilities in the Rio Grande Valley Area 2023
OIG-23-27 CBP Facilities in Vermont and New York Generally Met TEDS Standards, but Details to the Southwest Border Affected Morale, Recruitment, and Operations 2023
OIG-23-26 Results of an Unannounced Inspection of Northwest ICE Processing Center in Tacoma, Washington* 2023
OIG-23-25 DHS' Fiscal Year 2022 Compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 2023
OIG-23-24 Intensifying Conditions at the Southwest Border Are Negatively Impacting CBP and ICE Employees' Health and Morale 2023
OIG-23-22 DHS Has Refined Its Other than Full and Open Competition Reporting Processes 2023
OIG-23-23 The United States Coast Guard Needs to Improve Its Accounting for Non-Capitalized Personal Property Assets 2023
OIG-23-21 Evaluation of DHS' Information Security Program for Fiscal Year 2022 2023
OIG-23-20 FEMA Should Increase Oversight to Prevent Potential Misuse of Humanitarian Relief Funds* 2023
OIG-23-19 CISA Made Progress but Resources, Staffing, and Technology Challenges Hinder Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation 2023
OIG-23-18 Violations of ICE Detention Standards at Richwood Correctional Center in Monroe, Louisiana 2023
OIG-23-17 Secret Service and ICE Did Not Always Adhere to Statute and Policies Governing Use of Cell-Site Simulators - Law Enforcement Sensitive (REDACTED) 2023
OIG-23-16 FEMA Should Improve Controls to Restrict Unauthorized Access to Its Systems and Information 2023
OIG-23-15 DHS Grants and Contracts Awarded through Other Than Full and Open Competition Fiscal Year 2022 2023
OIG-23-14 FEMA Did Not Provide Sufficient Oversight of Project Airbridge 2023